Casting Off The Transient Revealing The True MID

November 21 2017  – January 31 2018

Artist study works for The Eternal Engine, Britain’s largest contemporary altarpiece.
Exhibition at Loven Cafe/Wine Bar – St Francis at the Engine Room, Hale Village London.
Graeme Mortimer Evelyn spent nine months of the 12 month residency commission living in the Lock Keeper’s cottage on the canal in Hale Village. In the cottage he designed, researched and hand carved the large altarpiece wood panels, weighing over half a tonne and gained inspiration from the local community, history and environment.In these months, Evelyn created a number of finished study works he often refers to as ‘sketches’ and other prior works utilized as research that have directly informed the central commission, with choices of material, drawing style, context, concept and sculptural design.
Since 2014 Evelyn has been exploring mergers of automatic experimental drawing, audio/visual technology and relief sculpture informed by his Synaesthesia reactions stimulated by audio, sound and music as a body of work entitled, Inward Gaze, Outward Focus. Many of the studies and indeed the altarpiece design itself, have been inspired directly from these explorations.The principal study work for these series of ‘sketches’, Voyager – Pillars of Creation, is currently installed in the Chapel accompanied by Evelyn’s large thought provoking and arresting Stations of the Cross (2006) also installed within the Sanctuary Hall.
All of these works are available to purchase direct from the artist.
Price on Application on all artworks. Use contact link above

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