News 2009

Art Basel Miami 2009: The Global Caribbean: Focus on Caribbean

Contemporary Visual Art Landscape @ Little Haiti Cultural Center Dec 5th 2009

Attended the artist seminar hosted by curator of The Global Caribbean, artist Edouard Duval Carrie. Also on the panel discussion were many of the exhibiting artists showcasing contemporary art from the Caribbean, such as Hew Locke, Nicole Awai, Jean–Francois Bocle and Jocelyn Gardner among others. Discussed were artist visibility, the impact of the global art economy on contemporary art of the Caribbean and the significance of identity in generational shifts of cultural hybridity. 

Caribbean Canvas exhibition at Multitude, Tele America Miami

Invited by the artist Phillipe Dodard to view his contribution to a Haitian group exhibition opening in Little Haiti Miami. Attended both Scope and Art Basel Miami.

International Curators Forum

In January 2010, completed an article published by the International Curators Forum

on the request of David A. Bailey highlighting the experience of the Caribbean Curatorship and National Identity conference in Bridgetown, Barbados and The Global Caribbean exhibition during Art Basel Miami in Dec 2009.

Princeton University Loan

Large print of Soiree du Coeur has been agreed to be on display, on loan to the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University. (View sculpture section @

Arts Council England Funding awarded

Received confirmation of Grant for the Arts Funding for The Next Level. The project aims to use action research methods to evaluate the most appropriate models of professional and national/international arts practice development.

Reconciliation Reredos design approved!

The Bristol Diocese and Advisory Committee has formally approved of the designs for the Reconciliation Reredos and Reredos conservation project.

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