It has been my pleasure and honour to create the exclusive poster artwork Extensions of the Heart (Stoloff / Hancock) and to contribute as a Musician, for the SGI-UK supported  UNESCO International Jazz Day event –

                                                                                      “Ode to the Human Spirit 2014” 

Featuring: The Human Revolution Orchestra and special guests April 30th 2013  at Kings Place, 90 York Way London N1 9AG

“Music is an extension of the Heart” Herbie Hancock

To celebrate UNESCO World Jazz Day 2014, an initiative led by world- renowned jazz musician and SGI member Herbie Hancock, SGI-UK will present a concert featuring The Human Revolution Orchestra, a specially formed big band comprising of some of the finest jazz musicians in the UK and very special guests including multi-reed artist/Composer and SGI USA pioneer Bennie Maupin known best for his work with Herbie Hancock (Headhunters) and Miles Davis (Bitches Brew), renowned U.S pianist Marc Cary, and UK vocalists Lianne Carroll and Randolph Matthews.

The event seeks to celebrate jazz as a symbol of unity and peace: its universalism and inclusivity, freedom of expression, artistic innovation, and the opportunity it gives for mutual understanding, principles on which the formation of The Human Revolution Orchestra is based.

The Human Revolution Orchestra’s repertoire features classics from the American big band tradition along with compositions and arrangements by guest composers Pete Long, Paul Hart, Marc Cary, and pieces featuring big band and strings by Bennie Maupin which will be played for the first time in the UK.

Following an inspiring event held at SGI UK’s South London National Centre in Brixton in 2013, which perfectly embodied the spiritual and cultural objectives of the day, SGI members and professional musicians Sean Corby and Neville Murray have again put together an ensemble including some of the UK’s finest jazz musicians drawn from across the UK scene- young emerging stars, respected leaders, and alumni from Jazz Warriors, Loose Tubes, and NYJO.

“Jazz has been a force for positive social transformation throughout its history, and it remains so today. This is why UNESCO created International Jazz Day. From its roots in slavery, this music has raised a passionate voice against all forms of oppression. It speaks a language of freedom that is meaningful to all cultures. The same goals guide UNESCO in its efforts to build bridges of dialogue and understanding between all cultures and societies.”

Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General


Soka Gakkai International is a lay Buddhist network dedicated to personal inner-change and social contribution in 192 countries and territories. Rooted in the life affirming philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism, members of SGI share a commitment to the promotion of peace, culture and education.

As a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with formal ties to the UN, SGI is active in the fields of humanitarian relief and public education, with a focus on peace, sustainable development and human rights.

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The Human Revolution Orchestra is:

Trumpets: Noel Langley, Yazz Ahmed, John Eacott, Sean Corby

Saxophones: Tony Kofi, Christian Brewer, Martin Speake, Nadim Teimoori, Dai Pritchard, Gemma Moore

Trombones: Richard Edwards, Harry Brown, Ed Rieband, Jon Enright

Piano: Simon Purcell

Bass: Larry Bartley

Drums: Rod Young and Cosimo Keita Cadore

Percussion: Neville Murray, Graeme Evelyn and Dave Pattman

Guitar: Carl Orr

SGI UK Strings

Special Guests: Bennie Maupin, Marc Cary, Lianne Carroll and Randolph Matthews

I’m lonely, I’ll make a world

Award-winning novelist Delia Jarrett-Macauley has written and narrated a response to the artwork ‘Call & Responses – The Odyssey of the Moor’ by Graeme Mortimer Evelyn, a site specific contemporary art installation currently on show within The Queen’s Gallery at Kensington Palace.
You can listen to Delia’s narration of “I’m lonely, I’ll make a world” in the player below.
Delia was inspired by a presentation given by Graeme about the artwork at Kensington Palace on November 5.

Delia Jarrett-Macauley is a a biographer and novelist, who won the Orwell Prize for Political Writing for her debut novel, ‘Moses, Citizen and Me’, published by Granta. She is currently a Fellow in English at the University of Warwick.

Call and Responses – The Odyssey of the Moor The Queens Gallery, Kensington Palace From Sept 25 2013 to Jan 6 2014

Kensington Palace – news release
The Voice – feature article   For more information regarding the Bust of the Moor

Artist’s Website:
Artist’s Twitter: @graemeevelyn

Call & Response

Groundbreaking art installation sheds new light on historic sculpture at Kensington Palace

Call and Responses: The Odyssey of the Moor, a new commission for Historic Royal Palaces and the Royal Collection Trust, will be on display at the Queen’s State Apartments in Kensington Palace, London, from September 25, 2013 to January 6, 2014.

 The work is a response by visual artist Graeme Mortimer Evelyn to Dutch master sculptor John van Nost’s Bust of the Moor – an astonishingly beautiful and lavishly expensive sculpture commissioned by King William III in around 1689.

GME The bust, made from layered, coloured marbles and semi-precious stones, depicts a black servant dressed in ‘Oriental’ fashion, but with an unmistakable slave collar. It is the only existing example of Van Nost’ use of polychromatic sculpture. There is a mystery that surrounds the commission, since a contradiction lies between King William III’s Protestant Calvinist austerity and the material expense of the work depicting the social position of the sculpture’s subject as that of a slave. The Bust of the Moor has consistently been considered by the Crown as one of the treasures of the Royal Collection and is the earliest recorded object within Kensington Palace.

Evelyn’s large installation re-imagines lost narratives that may have led to King William III commissioning this exquisite and mysterious artwork. He places the bust within a man-size gilded birdcage, but with its doors flung open to capture the view over Kensington Gardens. The birdcage is a reflection on Queen Mary’s collection of exotic birds that were housed within the Queens Gallery at Kensington Palace. He creates for the Moor a dream of self-determination and freedom. Call and Responses – The Odyssey of the Moor is an enquiry into structures of physical space, social strata and philosophical ideas on human nature and survival. This engaging work opens up untold stories and access to a nationally renowned historic palace.

GME1Evelyn has worked in collaboration with staff at Historic Royal Palaces and the Royal Collection Trust, with support from Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts. Joanna Marschner, Senior Curator, Kensington Palace said: “Kensington Palace welcomes this opportunity to work with a thoughtful young artist. Youthful eyes draw new truths from the amazing historic treasures in our charge”

Graeme Mortimer Evelyn is a British artist of Jamaican heritage. In 2012 Evelyn produced the exhibition Out of Many, One for Jamaica’s 50th anniversary at the Jamaican High Commission during the London Olympics. The display explored notions of identity and belonging that have helped to inform the Call and Responses project for Kensington Palace.

He has developed a reputation for creating art in places of worship, public buildings and museums that subvert these settings – inspired by his research and the re-creation of alternative histories and mythologies.

Evelyn is an artist with other notable firsts. In January 2011, as inaugural Artist-in-Residence at St Stephen’s Church, Bristol, he unveiled the permanent contemporary altarpiece, the Reconciliation Reredos. Built in the 14th Century, St Stephen’s is one of the oldest churches in Bristol and is of national and international significance as the church that blessed every ship that left the port, including every Transatlantic Slave Trade vessel that left the city. Evelyn is the first artist of African Diaspora heritage to produce such a permanent work in an historic church in Europe.

He said: “It is an honour to be afforded the opportunity to work with this treasure from the Royal Collection. It was a privilege to reinterpret the space within the Queen’s State Apartments, with the intention of creating a powerfully engaging work with a challenging history highlighting universal themes.”

Call and Responses: The Odyssey of the Moor – 25 September 2013 until 6 January 2014, Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace:

Artist contact:

Artist website:

Artist Twitter: @graemeevelyn

For more information regarding the Bust of the Moor

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An Odyssey begins



The Call and Responses project is in partnership and enjoys the support from Historic Royal Palaces and The Royal Collection for the exhibition expected autumn 2013 for the Queen’s Gallery at Kensington Palace.

lottery_png_black1   HRP_logo_300pxl   theroyalcollectiontrustlarge


Exhibited five major works at the latest Lyes & Jones show State of the Art in Hoxton, London in November 14 2012

The painted relief sculpture Treasuring our Differences was sold during the exhibition.


* Soiree du Coeur   61cm x 178cm 2012


Graeme Evelyn – Guest Curator – Afrika Eye International Film Festival Nov 2012


A core focus of Afrika Eye film festival 2012, is dedicated to celebrating 50 years of independence for Jamaica. Showing Jamaica in all its raw, gritty and glorious reality, the programme blends subtle hues of history and politics from the newest and best Jamaican films, guest curated by renowned artist of Jamaican heritage, Graeme Evelyn. Evelyn has chosen three films for the festival LIFE AND DEBT, BETTER MUS’ COME, and THE FADE.

‘Out of Many, One’ Debut Solo Exhibition at the Jamaica High Commission

OUT OF MANY, ONE London debut solo exhibition at the Jamaica High Commission, as part of JA 50 and 2012 Jamaica Independence celebrations.

PREVIEW: FRIDAY 13th JULY, 6:30PM – 9PM in the presence of the High Commissioner for Jamaica, Her Excellency Aloum Ndombet Assamba.

Untitledofm1 (2)

‘Out of Many, One’ Debut Solo Exhibition at the Royal Commonwealth Society

OUT OF MANY, ONE London debut solo exhibition at the Royal Commonwealth Society supported and endorsed by the Jamaican High Commission, as part of JA 50 and 2012 Jamaica Independence celebrations.

Untitledofma (2)

Treasures from the Queen’s Royal Palaces


Contributed to the film which will accompany the forthcoming exhibition at The Queens Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse that “Brings together some of the finest treasures from the Royal Collection to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012”. Requested by The Royal Collection to give insights as a contemporary artist, into the profound significance of the seventeenth century sculpture, the very poignant and beautiful Bust of the Moor by John Van Nost.

News 2011

Reading The Riots

You may have read reports about the two major riots in Stokes Croft, Central Bristol UK in April 21/28 2011. I have lived and worked in this area for over a decade. In 2009, the new Museum of Bristol commissioned and acquired the large painted

relief sculpture, Reading the Riot (Act). a permanent work acquired for their new contemporary art collections.This commission is on view in the M-Shed Museum of Bristol which is now confirmed to open 17 June 2011.

In 2007, I subverted the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery collections and displays in scenes during the filming of The Two Coins: Meditations on Trade; Due to the films critical success, I was approached to create an uncompromising and

challenging piece regarding the long history of dissent within the city, which in retrospect , since the riots in Stokes Croft, Bristol and democracy protests internationally, Reading the Riot (Act) currently seems strangely prophetic.

For Reading the Riot (Act), I chose to subvertise the museum and subvert historical record. Utilising a large discarded gambling table from a former burnt out local Chinese Restaurant, I used detail from images taken from the Bristol 1831 riots

illustrating the poor protesting for the right to vote nationwide – cut down by the sabre armed horseman after Reading the Riot Act for all to disperse. Directly opposite, with the identical action of the armed horseman, an overseer whips the enslaved- taken from an abolitionist image during the same year. Surrounded by the West African proverb, “If you choose to dance with a crocodile, you must be prepared for when the music stops”.

 The resonance with our current socio-political and financial state of affairs is given its most fitting memorial, as a spinning record.

Reading the Riot (Act) is on view in the Museum of Bristol

Saint Stephen’s Reconciliation Art Foundation

On Friday 20th May, the introduction and first fundraising event towards the Saint Stephen’s Reconciliation Art Foundation with a visionary keynote address and piano performance/voice of incredibly resonant virtuosity by Paul Gladstone Reid MBE set the precedence for the broader intention of the Foundation. The foundation is a direct continuation of the Saint Stephens Church’s commitment in its support of the vital function that visual art creates for society and community healing, exemplified by the overwhelming national and international critical success of its first Artist In Residence program and commission the Reconciliation Reredos.

 Saint Stephen’s Reconciliation Art Foundation

Apart from coming to the end of my tenure as Artist in Residence, I am involved in the formulation of the Saint Stephen’s Reconciliation Art Foundation which aims to support high quality International and UK artist residencies for emerging visual artists, continuing work and discourse on social reconciliation through the arts by raising £60K in over two years for programming of high profile public works. The foundation is a direct continuation of the Saint Stephens Church’s commitment in its support of the vital function that visual art creates for society, exemplified by the overwhelming national and international critical success of its first AIR program and commission the Reconciliation Reredos.

An introduction to the Saint Stephen’s Reconciliation Art Foundation and the first of its fundraising events is on Friday 20th May with keynote address and piano performance by Paul Gladstone Reid MBE.

Paul Gladstone Reid is a versatile award winning composer, musician and producer. His work and experience cover a plethora of genres from classical, opera, gospel, ballet, rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, world music, film, theatre and television. He is renowned for creating cross-cultural works of art and has collaborated extensively with such artists and filmmakers as Academy Award winning director, Danny Boyle, artist and filmmaker, Isaac Julien, actors, including Sir Ben Kingsley and Sir Ian McKellen with The Royal Shakespeare Company and award-winning playwright, Kwame Kwei-Amarh among an extensive array of others.

Please take the opportunity to examine this extraordinary artist and cultural visionary. SAVE THE DATE, RSVP! Experience this remarkable event, keynote speaker and performance. Saint Stephen’s Church. Friday 20th May 2011

Reredos Artist in Conversation and Performance

St. Stephen’s Church, Bristol

22 January 2011 1pm- 4pm Free Entry

‘The Art of Reconciliation’ : conversation, reflection and resolution – with Artist in Residence Graeme Mortimer Evelyn at Saint Stephen’s. The unveiling of strong and icon-like work at the altar opens issues of power and inspiration, abuse and reconciliation. The work entitled Bristol Reconciliation Reredos are large-scale hand carved relief and painted altar-piece panels, which responds to Saint Stephen’s Church’s past links with the slave trade and our future together, which demands our attention in the contemporary.

Please come and join artist Graeme Mortimer Evelyn in conversation with curator Kat Anderson about this very unique public art commission for St. Stephen’s Church. The event will also feature a special performance by sound and performance artist Juan Gabriel Gutierrez. The event is free but space is limited so please book. Please

The Bristol Reconciliation Reredos will be open to the public from the 21 January 2011. Check link below for latest news updates and description of the Reconciliation Reredos Altarpiece unveiling weekend